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The Pilgrimess is the ghost of Isabella Smith, and the seventh ghost to be featured in The Black Zodiac.


During Colonial times (circa 1600-1790), Isabella Smith sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to a New England town in search of a better life, but the tight-knit townsfolk didn't trust outsiders, and Isabella became isolated from the rest of the town.

When the town's livestock began to die mysteriously, shortly after her arrival, Isabella was accused by the local preacher of witchcraft. She denied the claim, but when the preacher fell ill, the town quickly turned against her and cornered her in a barn. They lit the structure on fire, but Isabella emerged, completely unscathed.

Instead of a quick death, Isabella was sentenced to a slow, painful death in the stocks, where kids stoned her, men cursed at her, and women spat at her until she eventually died of starvation weeks later.


The symbol of the Pilgrimess.

After Death[]

Following her death, Isabella's spirit remained bound to earth, and her spirit was later captured by Cyrus Kriticos to become The Pilgrimess. She was then moved to the basement of Basileus's Machine with the other eleven ghosts representing The Black Zodiac.

Dennis eventually encountered the Pilgrimess in her containment cube in the basement, becoming the seventh or the ninth ghost to be released.

The Pilgrimess eventually chases Arthur, Dennis, Kalina, and Maggie through the house, briefly getting caught by one of the moving Ectobar glass frames of the basement, but the four are able to reach the house's library and seal themselves inside before the Pilgrimess can follow them into it.

Eventually, a Latin chant results in the Pilgrimess with the other eleven ghosts to appear in the center of the machine and power it. However, when The Pilgrimess and the other ghosts are freed from their trance, they turn on Cyrus and retaliate by throwing him into a rotating crest of rings. The house soon explodes after the rampaging equipment rips itself apart, destroying its walls and freeing The Pilgrimess and the other eleven ghosts.


11 Pilgrimess 02

The Artifact of The Pilgrimess

  • If one looks closely when Dennis comes across the imprisoned Pilgrimess, her containment cube is covered in thick cobwebs and dead leaves.
  • If you pay attention closely, you'll notice that as The Pilgrimess approaches, there appears to be the sound of distant wailing.
  • As noted by Cyrus, it is unknown whether or not Isabella really was a witch in life.
  • In the original script, the Pilgrimess was called The Buried Lady.
  • Being from the 17th century, this most likely makes her the oldest member of the other members of the twelve ghosts seen in the film.
  • The Pilgrimess is the only ghost not to have a Latin inscription beneath her symbol in The Arcanum.
  • She is the fourth female ghost in the zodiac.
  • Her ghost file is represented by a damaged Holy Bible.