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The Executioner and Head was the ninth of the twelve ghosts imprisoned within the mansion of Dr. Plato Zorba.



Nothing is known about the Executioner and Head's life, but her appearance would suggest that she was beheaded for an unknown crime committed.


The Executioner is simply a floating pair of muscular arms wielding a large, medieval-looking battle ax. The Head is a floating severed head with long hair and a pinched, corpse like face.

After Death[]

Following her death, the Executioner and Head's spirit remained on earth and unable to move on, due to unknown unresolved issues. During Dr. Zorba's travels around the world, he met and captured the Executioner and Head and imprisoned her in his mansion.

When Dr. Zorba was murdered and became the twelfth ghost, Cyrus Zorba and his family moved into the mansion. The Executioner and Head and the other eleven ghosts presumably crossed over when Benjamin Rush died and became the thirteenth ghost.


  • The opening of 13 Ghosts which shows the twelve ghosts states that the Executioner and Head is the ninth ghost. However, some posters of the film state that it is the eighth ghost.