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Nathan was a racist man who was killed by one of the ghosts George Markley.


Nathan was a hardworking white man but incredibly racist and thuggish who lived during the early 1890s. He wrongfully accused George Markley of stealing and threatened to banish him from the town they lived.

Thirteen Ghosts[]

When George rightfully refused to move, Out of racial prejudice, Nathan and his gang attacked and murdered George's wife and children and hung their bodies from a tree as a message to threaten Nathan to leave. Unfortunately, this foolishly sadistic action causes George to hunt Nathan and his gang down and brutally beat them to death with his blacksmith sledgehammer. George was then found and killed by the equally racist townspeople after having various spikes driven into him with his own hammer.

George Markley's ghost was later captured by Cyrus Kriticos to become "The Hammer" in The Black Zodiac, a collection of 13 earthbound spirits, as listed in The Arcanum, needed to power Basileus' Machine and open the Ocularis Infernum.