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Maggie Bess was hired by Arthur Kriticos as a nanny for Bobby and Kathy, and gets along well with Bobby.


After Arthur's wife, Jean was killed in a house fire and the family was left all but penniless, Maggie was hired as a nanny for Kathy and Bobby.

Thirteen Ghosts[]

One day, the Kriticos family's lawyer, Ben Moss, visits Maggie and the family with news that Arthur's uncle, Cyrus has been seemingly killed, and that they have inherited his mansion. That night, Maggie and the family move into the mansion, fascinated by its unique features. While Maggie is racing Bobby around the house, she loses him, and the family search the house for him.

While Maggie and Dennis search the basement, Dennis gives Maggie a pair of spectral viewers with which to see the ghosts locked up in the containment cubes in the basement. After several close run-ins with the rampant ghosts, Dennis and Maggie meet back up with Arthur and Kalina and escape to the safe library.

Dennis and Arthur plan to search the house for the missing Kathy and Bobby one last time, while Maggie and Kalina go to the core of the machine to shut it down. There, Maggie meets the actually-alive Cyrus. Kalina then reveals her true colors by hitting Maggie over the head with The Arcanum, knocking her out.

Maggie later recovers and scrambles the machine's controls, causing it to overload and explode. Maggie survives the explosion, and is left wandering through the wreckage of the house, screaming that she quits her job as the family's nanny, as everything she went through was not in her job description.


  • Maggie was one of three characters adapted from Elaine Zacharides from the 1960 film; the other two being Kalina and Dennis. Elaine was a medium, housekeeper and assistant to Plato Zorba. Maggie was adapted into the role of the housekeeper though she worked for Arthur instead of Cyrus.
  • Maggie is the only character to not have been attacked by a ghost.
  • However, She has come across the most ghosts in the film, with the number of 6.
  • Maggie is the hero of the film, having saved the family.
  • Maggie, though being Bobby Kritikos's nanny, and working for Arthur Kritikos, was mostly seen around Dennis Rafkin, who she had no connection to.
  • Maggie is played by rap artist Rah Digga whose song "Mirror Mirror" appears in the end credits.