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Larry "Finger" Vatelo and his gang about to kill Jimmy Gambino.

Larry "Finger" Vatelo was a Mafia made-man, whose attention was caught by the reputation of Jimmy "The Gambler" Gambino.

Larry bet a heavy wage on a boxing match with Jimmy, which Larry won. When Larry came to collect his winnings, only to find that Jimmy was all cleaned out of cash so he was unable to pay up, he and his accomplices made an example out of Jimmy by cutting him up, wrapping the body parts up in cellophane and dumping them into the ocean.

Jimmy Gambino's ghost was later captured by Cyrus Kriticos in order to become "The Torso" in The Black Zodiac, a collection of twelve earthbound spirits, as listed in The Arcanum, needed to power Basileus' Machine and open the Ocularis Infernum. It is unknown whatever became of Larry Vatelo after the murder.