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Damon Quinteros was Kalina's fiance and a member of the Spirit Reclamation Business.


Damon, with Kalina (who was actually in league with Cyrus), protested against Cyrus Kriticos's capturing of ghosts to open the Ocularis Infernum, as he regarded it as slavery. While they were protesting at the junkyard where The Juggernaut lived, Cyrus's team captured them.

But Damon pointed out that what Cyrus was attempting couldn't be done without the right spells or the Thirteenth Ghost.

A short while later, when The Juggernaut went out of control and attacked and massacred most of Cyrus's team, Kalina, in the ensuing chaos, slit Damon's throat for The Arcanum. She pretended to try and save Damon, but he apparently died of the wound.


  • Damon's last name was only given in the script.
  • According to an early draft of the script, Damon and Kalina were engaged.