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Cyrus Zorba is the father of Buck and Medea, the husband of Hilda and the nephew of the late Dr. Plato Zorba. He, along with his family, inherited his uncle's old mansion, inhabited by twelve, violent ghosts.


Cyrus is man struggling with money problems, along with his wife. He him and his family move into his uncle's mansion that ends up being haunted by evil ghosts.

13 Ghosts[]

Cyrus and his family become low on money to the point that all of their house's furniture is removed. On Buck's birthday, he wishes that he and his family have a home with furniture, and at that moment, Cyrus is informed that he and his family have inherited his late uncle's mansion.

Cyrus and his family quickly move into the mansion, which includes an eerie servant, Elaine Zacharides. Though he denies it at first, Cyrus and his family soon discover that the house is haunted by twelve violent ghosts.

One night, Elaine convinces Cyrus, Hilda and Medea to join her and have a seance. During the seance, Plato's ghost temporarily possesses Cyrus, and through him, uses cryptic messages to try and warn the family that the other eleven ghosts will try to make one of them the thirteenth ghost needed to free them from the house. However, Cyrus and the family fail to crack the code.

The day after Ben Rush is killed trying to murder and silence Buck from revealing the house's hidden treasure of money, Cyrus and his family discover the money, and consider using it to move to another house.