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Buck Zorba is the son of Cyrus and Hilda Zorba, and the brother of Medea. He, along with his family, inherited an old mansion inhabited by twelve violent ghosts.


13 Ghosts[]

Buck and his family became low on money to the point that all of their house's furniture is removed. On his birthday, Buck wishes that he and his family have a home with furniture, and at that moment, the family discover that they have inherited the mansion of Cyrus's late uncle, Dr. Plato Zorba.

Buck and his family quickly move into the mansion, which included Dr. Zorba's eerie servent, Elaine Zacharides, who Buck believes to be a witch. Buck and his family soon discover that the house is haunted by twelve vicious ghosts, and through Elaine, Buck learns all about ones such as Emilio.

One day, Buck goes down into the cellar, and comes across the Lion Ghost and the headless ghost of Shadrack, and begins telling everyone about it. As he discovers a large amount of money by the staircase, Ben Rush, the family lawyer, visits. Ben tells Buck that the money is part of a large treasure hidden in the house, and tells him to keep this between the two of them.

Though Buck keeps his promise not to tell his family that there is a treasure in the house, he still goes around, gloating to them that he has a secret. Because of this, while Buck is asleep one night, Ben takes him into Plato's old bedroom and tries to suffocate him with the crushing canopy bed. However, Buck wakes up and gets off the bed at the last second, and watches in horror as his late great-uncle's ghost kills Ben using the bed.

The next day, as Buck's family discover the treasure of money, Buck speaks with Elaine. Elaine explains that with Ben Rush's death and subsequent transformation into the thirteenth ghost, the ghosts have left the house, but she also predicts that they will return one day, and Buck hopes that it will be soon.