• Aggression25

    Everyone's bound to have a ghost that they like in the film and a ghost that they could care less for in the film. But who's your favorite in your eyes and who's your least favorite? The Firstborn Son? The Torn Prince? The Hammer? Good? Bad? In between?

    --Aggression25 (talk) 02:09, October 10, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Party Boy (Splitting Adam)

    You Guys Might Call Me An Idiot Or A Moron But I Watch 13 Ghosts & I Think It Is A Cool Movie & I Have To Say I Sure Do Feel Bad For The Angry Princess,The Jackal,The Juggernaut,The Bound Woman,The Torn Prince,The Hammer,The First Born Son,The Torso,Jean Kriticos,The Pilgrimess,The Great Child,The Dire Mother & You Guys Might Hate Me Or Cuss Me Out For Saying This But I Don't Think They Desrvse To Get Kill By Mops Of People Or Cheating Boyfriends Or Nighbour Kid & I Must Say That Cyrus Guy Got What Coming To Him For Locking Those Poor Ghosts Up In The Glass Container Cube Thing. This Might Sound Stupid But I Would Give Them A Hug To Make Them Feel That I Care For Them After What Happen To Them In Life. This Might Sound Stupid But I Don't U…

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  • Allissonastrid.sotomayorzambrano

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