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Ben Rush was Cyrus Zorba's lawyer, and formerly best friends with Dr. Plato Zorba, whom he murdered for a hidden fortune.


Ben was once best friends with Dr. Plato Zorba, and was aware of his experiments with the supernatural. However, once Ben discovered that Dr. Zorba had hidden a large treasure of cash in the house, he murdered Dr. Zorba in his sleep by suffocating him under his canopy bed's falling roof.

13 Ghosts[]

Ben then planned to find the treasure and have it to himself, but did not count on Zorba's nephew and his family inheriting the mansion. Ben first tries to warn the family about the twelve violent ghosts inhabiting the house so that the family will leave and be out of Ben's way. When this fails, Ben dresses up as Dr. Zorba's ghost one night and comes into Medea's room, in an attempt to scare the family into leaving.

When Ben is visiting the house one night, and realizes that Buck is coming close to finding the treasure, he convinces Buck to keep this a secret from his family. However, Buck still tells his family that he has a secret, so the next night, Ben attempts to use Zorba's falling canopy bed to silence him. However, at that moment, Dr. Zorba's ghost appears and takes revenge on Ben by suffocating him with the bed.

When Ben died, he presumably became the thirteenth ghost and he and the other twelve ghosts crossed over.


  • Ben Rush was remade into Ben Moss for the 2001 film, though Moss isn't the main antagonist.